Alice Ella

Born in 1969, Alice Ella, who has lived in New York for some time, has accumulated decades-worth of expertise and experience as a conservator, which she brings into her artistic work. Her body of work is characterized by her revisiting certain motives, image ideas and methodical approaches quite frequently. 


Irrespective of the topics explored and the subject matter treated, what she captures on the picture carriers, radiates something playfully light-footed, frank and joyous and, above all, a subtle sense of humour which is typical for her, pervading motion and aesthetics. 


Ella keeps re-emphasizing that she as a person preferably disappears behind her pieces of work, so to speak, in order to make them speak for themselves, telling their own tale. Nonetheless, from time to time re-experiencing her art through the eyes of a beholder definitely provides a unique opportunity not only to discover and understand herself, but also in terms of significant artistic impulses according to Ella, which she draws energy and ideas from. 


Alice Ella approaches and uses visual codes in a new way. By the invoking of art historical spheres of reference she manages to spawn unexpected fields of tension again and again, between the poles of which she oscillates in an amazing way.