Off Course in Wide | Beatá Hechtová

27 January 2023 - 03 March 2023
Handshake | 2022, 90 x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas / collage
Hechtová stages utopia and dystopia as states of physical, spiritual and social life existing in parallel. The artist mixes futuristic scenarios with archaic practices, rituals and fundamental anthropological constants in a literally multidimensional visually based process of artistic exploration.
Stylistically, her oeuvre alludes to pop art, the School of Fantastic Realism, Magical Realism, or even Metaphysical Realism. 
Both the visual strategies of pop (art and culture) and aesthetics which are undeniably part of the realms of the  fantasy-/ fiction- series, as well as the fact that the underlying sentiment, the prevailing mood, leans more towards the subgenre of gekiga, are of central importance to Hechtová´s entire body of work.
Resulting the reform, prima facie, these works of art may appear to be some type of utterly idiosyncratic, bright, brash, amalgamation of aesthetic fragments, seemingly released from any concepts of time, exerting a significant, all but shocking visual impact.