Patrick Li

Patrick Li is primarily inspired in his work by his belief in humanity. He is originally from China, where he graduated from the Shanghai Art Academy. In 2002 he emigrated to Vienna and studied scenography at the academy of fine arts.


Arriving in Vienna, Patrick Li dealt intensively with his art, which was characterized by a certain “rebirth” at this time, insofar as he was increasingly confronted with modern trends. The new beginning of life in Vienna brought with it a change in his art as well as his lifestyle. 


Asian influences in Li’s paintings can, however, always be observed. In his works, the artist not only deals with a new pictorial invention, but also incorporates his Chinese roots into the paintings by providing them with appropriate characters, symbols or figures. 


Already as a child, Patrick Li got to know various traditional Chinese philosophical teachings. In doing so, he saw himself closely connected to the Taoism of Lao-Tses. In accordance with the theory of thought, the artist is therefore often concerned with questions about life during the process of creating his pictures. The creative process is about the course of life and about the emergence of the people – he himself partly as the work progresses. 



Patrick Li also prefers to depict dancing bodies while at the same time showing similarities of certain forms, in order to achieve a certain stillness in the chaos of the world. He also recognizes a very special harmony between man and nature, which is why he always knows how to combine these two main topics in his works. He prefers strong, trendy colors in his pictures, as well as geometric shapes; he paints men and women, portrays people of different ages, as well as the living and the dead, because for the artist man himself plays the most important part in the entire universe. 


His paintings often show faces or figures that appear to the viewer as shadows or dream visions – his paintings are located between space and time – just like the human being himself. Patrick Li’s art is an expression of sensuality, which he himself would like to describe as “Dream Pop”, a style that was popular in the 80s and 90s. Overall, Patrick Li’s works form a synthesis of reality and fantasy, grant the viewer an insight into a dream world and allow him to reflect on his own existence.