Manfred Jürschik

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Selected works

Manfred Jürschik’s abstract paintings, which the artist, born in 1938 in Tyrol, himself describes as “dynamic shaping of various materials in order to make one’s own essence visible” in a certain way certainly breathes the spirit of the “Blaue Reiter” movement and probably also that which led Max Weiler in the 1960s to his series of paintings called “Wie eine Landschaft” (“Like a Landscape”). Jürschik, who worked as a convervator for decades, calls it “diving into the depths of nature in order to recognize its essence, always searching for the traces of the spiritual order.”

Composition I

Manfred Jürschik
Cork, copper and wood
92 x 61 cm

Composition II

Manfred Jürschik
92 x 124 cm

Composition III

Manfred Jürschik
Cork and copper
93 x 63 cm