Beáta Hechtová

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Selected works

“I’m a Czech-born artist, currently living and working in Vienna, where, in 2020, I finished my studies at the University of Applied Arts in the printmaking department. 

My works are capturing the inner fights of oneself, while trying to untangle the mass of information and cope with the increasing speed of urban lifestyle. The urge to belong reveals a dim memory of raw human nature and its fading instincts. 

Through painting, printmaking, collage and installation, I’m displaying the restlessness of subconsciousness and its chaotic connections.

Hints of stories, hidden identities, absurd situations, overwhelming expectations, infiltration of high technology to our everyday life, environmental threats, constant need and lack of something indefinable. 

I’m combining the ideas of potential futuristic trends with the ongoing search for updated versions of believing systems.

We as individuals or we as a mass are picking up the particles of different cultures, mixing it with endless amount of data and try to predict the future development of global melting pot. 

I compare contexts and explore the diversity of possible outcomes.

Contradictions play an important role, such as city x nature, utopia x dystopia, spirituality x materialism, tragedy x comedy.” 

– Beáta Hechtová

Jog Dog

Beáta Hechtová
acrylic on canvas / collage
90 x 80


Beáta Hechtová
acrylic on canvas
160 x 110+ cm

Shape Shifter

Beáta Hechtová
acrylic on canvas
105 x 85 cm


Beáta Hechtová
oil on canvas
180 x 120


Beáta Hechtová
oil on canvas
100 x 80 cm

Jog Dog, Overbred, Shape Shifter, Flamingo, Bathroom,